of sounds, soft and buoyant
crying to be heard
staying afar, drawing close
pushing for another chance

of signs, vague and hoarse
prying from unseen roosts
leaving trails, posing riddles
daring to pursue madness

of delights, nuanced and delicate
staring helplessly, from heights, high and low
calling for attention, disengaging when hitched
masking danger with wonder

of crests, glistening with gaiety
swirling adrift in winsome abandon
royalty thrust-ed, carrying crowns of majesty
holding traps of rapture in each beguiling curl

of tenderness, touched yet devoid of any touch
unloading honeyed sensations of heaven
parading palpable pleasures hued with pristine purity
alluringly perched, irresistibly ensconced

of prey, hiding in shadows
seeped in splendor, meditating at every step
praying for compassion,
dancing in clusters, laying open all their wares

of heights, unknown to bewilderment
high and magnificent in the wintry evening light
cracking open the cloud-laden sky
trumpeting dazzling arrays of mazes in motion

of distances, boundless and unhinged
burying burdens of age
forsaken instincts, reborn and rekindled
dissolving time, in time for a fresh new sighting