Born on Halloween,
this ball-o-maniac is revered for his magical tricks and treats.
His tricks with the ball have always bamboozled the opponent with their topsy-turvy angles and cryptic turns,
and the connoisseurs of sport have been endlessly entertained to treats of mythical proportions.

Born with an inimitable funny bone,
there is never a dull moment in any gathering that he bestows with his raconteur-par-excellence jabs and remarks.
He is the creator supreme of ripple effect of laughter. You hear a joke and even before you laugh your heart out, there is one more joke on top of it.
The joke you did not expect, a witty repartee coming at you faster than the speed of light. And then one more…

Born with a He-Man like virility,
his titillating teens were filled with admiring new contours and peeping adventures in the throes of adulthood.
His roaring twenties were a witness to the talk of the most eligible bachelor in the town and everyone vying desperately to ensnare the coveted bridegroom-in-waiting.
His sizzling thirties were dominated by a paternal urge to be the most adorable father and the most loving husband.
His soaring forties have seen a man in complete control of his surroundings and continuing to build an awe-inspiring aura for everyone to behold.

Born with an unrivaled intellect,
he used his mathemagical genetic traits to work wonders with numbers beyond and above his peers.
His smartness extended to crossing swords with crosswords and unraveling the word jumbles that the daily newspapers tried desperately to hoodwink him into.
He always stands atop in whatever intellectual pursuits he pursues and to emulate him in this regard, is not only difficult but impossible to even try.

Born with a silver racquet in his hand,
his edberg-esque aplomb, when he wields a tennis racquet, is a sight for sore eyes.
His jaw-dropping grace and elegance with a cricket bat, with not even an iota of coaching, is akin to watching poetry in motion.
His wizardry with the table tennis racquet is equally enthralling and a mind numbing experience.

Born with a heart of gold,
he comforts you in all times of need like a brother, smothers you with undiluted love like a friend, stands steadfast with you like a soldier when the whole world seems against you,
mentors you through your trials and tribulations like a guide and makes life easier to live with his philosophical bent of mind and pearls of wisdom.
He’s a master at being a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
He’s a star in deed. Indeed.