I’ve often wondered –
if people really love you for who you really are
if yes, then why do they judge when they need to just listen,
why do they only applaud your independent spirit as long as it does not impact them,
why do they push when a nudge would have yielded a better result,
why do they look away when they needed to look into

I’ve also wondered as to –
why do we admire a language so much but at the same time harbor prejudice for the people who speak it,
why do we feel guilty standing in the returns line of a store when the store itself prides on its any time return policy,
when attorneys that end up with enviable reputation in truth owe it to incessant arguments with their spouses,
why a whisper in a long distance call conveyed so much that a thousand words via social media could not,
when folks that stayed back after a party to help with cleanup in reality wanted their share of left over party food,
why do critics who critique someone else’s work of art do not take it kindly when someone tries to critique their unjust criticism,
why do we treat the message – ‘cast your vote here’ on the ballot box of an Indian election as ‘vote for your caste here’,
when people say, “I am happy with what I get” instead meant, “I get what I am happy with”,

And then, I’ve lately wondered about manly culinary claims –
when guys stake claim to make a great omelet
well, how the hell do you make a bad one?
leave out the egg 🙂