Egg started it again,
“It is commonly proposed, I am the greatest thing to have ever happened to food”.
“You want a go at it again! Then, let me put out some chicken ‘nuggets’ out there for you”, thundered chicken.

“There is hardly a celebration, festival or gathering that is complete without a delicacy made out of me.
People walk away from a party if they see that I am not on the food table”, proclaimed chicken.
“Might be, but most people on earth swear on starting their day with me. I give them energy and the required nourishment.
I am recommended by most doctors”, countered the egg.
“Agreed, people mostly start their day with you but they prefer to end their day with me. There is no happy hour without me.
Since you are talking of energy, let me correct you that I contain double the amount of protein than you for the same serving size.
Not to forget, lesser amount of cholesterol too. So I am hands-down a way better healthier choice than you”, corrected the chicken.

“Do not forget there are many vegetarians too who avoid and detest you. They are living a healthy life too without you on their table.
And remember, more and more people are turning vegetarian and your days are surely numbered. So stop bragging”, the egg said in a sobering tone.
“Oh, that vegetarian talk again. It is all a big stunt with no solid footing. And talking of footing, first learn to stand still on two feet like everyone else. Your shape creates so many untoward spills and packaging nightmares.
Also, do you even see how kids devour me almost at every meal.
They are never tired of me. And ever since fast food as become the de-facto food choice, I am just as omnipresent as soda water.
So this talk of chicken being a thing of past, is just a loser talk”, slammed the chicken with a roaring laughter.

“I am the reason for your existence. Don’t forget the simple fact which every kid can tell you. Ignore me at your own peril”, the egg tried to enlighten the chicken.
“I am not denying that. But every offspring wants to carve its own destiny and go a step further than its creator.
It is called evolution. I am just saying I am the more improved, specialized and connoisseur version of you.
With class and style, if I may add”, the chicken reasoned.

“There is a great beauty in simplicity, which chicks like you can never appreciate.
I can make myself available with just a crack and be ready in as little as 2 minutes.
I do not need an elaborate procedure or make people wait for an inordinate amount of time”, the egg made it’s case sound very neat and informed.
“Have you ever heard of the saying – ‘Good things come to those who wait’.
You might have also heard of people going miles just to taste a delicacy as sublime as ‘Hyderabadi chicken biryani’. People stand in line for hours together to savor me.
And tell me a single case of people going far-off places for a egg-based treat. You can see the mania that I can spawn”, the chicken continued to build it’s case.

“Do you realize someone has your blood on their hands to make you edible. Just the thought of killing you and cutting you into pieces, makes people cringe in disgust.
It is a life being sacrificed for someone’s pleasure. What can be more poignant and unfortunate”, the egg sensed victory with this point which it felt would sound like a death knell for chicken.
“Sooner or later I will die, in fact we all will. It is not that my life is being terminated halfway.
In my demise, I am making sure every part of me is properly benefiting my consumer. People at least see as me as life and yes, there is a feeling of guilt.
And so there is an acknowledgment too of my value.
But in your crackling, there is not even a hint of hesitation as you are as alive as a stone. For all practical purposes, your existence is deemed empty and void”, redressed the chicken with a loud thud and flapped its wings in wild celebration.

The egg then responded angrily,
…and the argument lived on..!