the one risk of being around an eternal optimist is to make even a lottery ticket win look like a distinct possibility,
and of a defensive pessimist is to make you be prepared for the worst at even the best of times

the one indisputable truth about success is its penchant to ignore even subtle signs of impending doom,
and about failure is its ability to teach life’s most priceless lessons

the one thing certain about thriving life is in its ever certain uncertainty,
and of looming death is in its call for immediate action on long cherished dreams

the one unquestionable benefit of stringent labor is in its defined purpose and definite action,
and of prolonged idleness is in its detached outlook and subsistent living

the one sure thing about words are their devious promise to build a bridge even where no river flows,
and of silence is its potential to offer simple solutions to life’s compounding conundrums

the one way beauty makes its presence is in its momentary brilliance,
and this bliss is undoubtedly lost by a momentary hesitation to pause

the one dangerous prospect of love is in its transformation of a level-headed realist into a wistful fantasizer,
and of hate is its blinkered vision and meticulous execution

the one timeless fact about past is that it is never past us,
and of future is that it is not always in wait