Let us keep it close,
but without the leash
let us buzz,
minus the expectation of a reply

When silence stops by,
let us allow it to enter but not overstay
if ghosts of the past dial in,
let us acknowledge but not entertain

If we ever trespass,
let it be out of empathy and not curiosity
when our opinions diverge,
let us be aware of the thin line separating informing and enlightening

We know this beautiful form will slip away,
but the joy of giving never will
there are times our voices might get out of rhythm,
but the sweet pouring rain of love never will

You are always the unseen fragrance
I search for in a rose,
I guess I am the silent melody that
you reach for in a SD Burman song

Just as the magic surrounding spring
keeps coming back each year,
let the winter of reticence
keep giving way to melting hearts and shimmering torsos

You always feared crowded streets and me of empty ones,
but with our hands clasped tightly we can keep this journey unhindered
when truth seems fraught with tussle, and lie pulls for an easy retreat,
let us deny either, a chance to hide

Let the mystery remain, let the chaos keep unraveling
into that open space, let us both wander ceaselessly.