the mountain confided with the cloud,
you are my sole companion,
you cannot fathom how restlessly
I await your sojourn on my top.
I am so majestic and beautiful,
but very few come to me,
I feel so lonely, bereft of color

the cloud listened patiently
and said to the mountain,
your bosom is so big,
you can hold a thousand secrets and
house a million retreats,
but you are so aloft,
seemingly withdrawn yet content

the mountain objected,
being lofty is my in-born personality,
it is not my fault,
being stiff and stony,
is my very nature,
I cannot change it

the cloud corrected,
I did not mean you to become small
I meant you are so unreachable
your sides are so steep
there are no flat ridges or smooth edges
for flora and fauna to latch and climb on

in scaling your heights, it is said
mortals have known to experience
untold ecstasies, heavenward sights
but if you can shed a little of
your exterior hard skin,
crack those outer sheer stone walls
so your sides are easier to scale

the mountain smiled and replied
I got your message, I will do my best
but I need something from you too.
Next time you bring rain, make sure
you pack more force and wind with you
so I get worn down, little by little by you
and wear a flatter, gentler terrain

the cloud thundered in excitement.