the sound of the holiday
the excitement of the highway
lend me fresh wings to soar
take me back to the child of yore

afar, from the din of iteration
saying adieu, to the breath of perspiration
I chug along, to the sweet mighty unknown
O take away, to the space I own

a pause, for no almighty cause
as no cause, is bigger than my own cause
make no mistake, of retreating from strife
as this is just, but a fleeting paradise

lay down all the tools you crave
pursue no further, the goals of a slave
a body rested, is a soul vested
a mind arrested, is but a life wasted

the other side, may not be all sun and shine
the hidden valley, may not always offer a lifeline
an unheard tweet, a queer hoot
is all it takes, for a forlorn heart, to renew and reboot