this summer in winter may not come again
life’s abundance in its sumptuous splendor
surreally warm, even in an ungainly winter
running away from the chilly cast of silences and sheaths

dusting out the quarantined polos and hibernating shorts
wearing with aplomb, the “Beach Please” embossed flip-flops
teasing the Florida sun with freshly tanned shades
brandishing the sashayed walk of a seasoned traveler

drinking in the mirth of a sun-glazed sky
holding still our gazes at anhingas, arms and wings akimbo
swept away by the meditating poise of the great white heron
rapturously drawn in to the late evening medley of feathery brethren

welcoming the first rays of Boca Raton dawn, from its easternmost cradle
stepping into the farthest horizon that our eyes can venture
watching the blazing Naples afternoon, turn into a orangy evening sparkle
collecting shells, leaving our footprints on its spotless white sands

breathing in the evening air of sugary contemplation
raising toast, adding finishing touches to another glorious sun-drenched day
swarming around the Christmas tree, filled with gifts of togetherness
sleeping in to sounds that seem to dance on night’s bosomy pit

driving back home, taking leave from the one-of-a-kind December sojourn
flooded memories of jolly rides and everyday banter
clasping tightly the irredeemable satisfaction of a rested soul
with new wings to our hearts, and bittersweet joy of a home-returning bird