abashed and ashamed
or so the story claimed
deeply penitent, outwardly tense
utter not, the dreaded word hence

stay low, step up to the chores
be alert, for the lingering maims
you brought the storm, whatever the trigger
now usher in the calm, dislodge the swagger

easy come, easy go
might seem all too easy for you, the pro
for the day will pass the test
sign up for the night’s ferment and torment

not a coward, to hide under an indifferent shrug
heavy air begging for a fervent hug
peace is merely not, lack of loud broils
strife is not all those tumultuous turmoils

awash with deep blues
sniffing vainly at signs, for the distant clues
of whiffs of cheer, of forgiving beholds,
harboring not, fantasies of the sprightly marigolds

there were bickerings before, and will be a good many after
every one anew, reeking still of the same old chapter
they say battles engender true warriors
such as these, foster but wilted worriers

friendly quarters beckon to thaw the mist
the fizz of it all, painful to resist
the camaraderie of men, so big, and so hollow
save us from thy agony, you and your wallow

hanging in the shadows, the goodbyes hide,
praying for a landing, the hellos bide,
time now, to wear the guilt, swallow the pride,
to replay the charmer and rein in the tide