there was a gecko, with a loud echo
friends complained, family restrained
any squeak, was a big leak
a lot of hushing, a lot more blushing

a secret shared, a riddle dared
the birds, and the moths
the bees, and the geese
big and small, knew it all

so the poor one, played with no one
at times sad, at times mad
dying to scream, to be in a team
opened the mouth, only for the moth

shush, said the mother,
quiet, screamed the father
silly faces, funny phrases
all bottled up, all locked up 

cloudy and muggy, sleepy and creepy
raining a pour, morning in a snore,
fauna in slumber, predator in hunger
a huge appetite, shining bright

slithering slowly, hissing lowly
wanders in, with a mighty grin
lay iguanas, and the turtles,
the toads, and the geckos

knowing not, guessing not
there is a gecko, with a loud echo
awake as a wink, quick as a mink
with all the might, and all the flight

roars the gecko, with the loudest echo
scares the snake, wakes up the lake
all the prey, quit the fray
ran the snake, like a quake

winning the fight, without a fright
gecko the warrior, the mighty savior
no more hushing, no more blushing
no more a sweat, but everyone’s pet !