Hello April 14th, you are no longer just another day in the calendar
whoever you are, you changed our lives forever
Before 2008 you were hanging on our walls with the same face and tenor
as the other dreary days of the month and the year

For the world outside you are the harbinger of spring season
but for us you ushered in a never-ending season called – ‘life’
you are that wish of life that we made and forgot
not knowing if this wish can ever come true

In 2008 and on this very day a bundle arrived at our home
and brought with it unbridled laughter and happiness into our lives
packaged with a note of caution, saying – handle this with care
as too much glee might make us the envy of the neighborhood

with every giggle, you crack us up
each time you dance, you make us jump up, up and up
every gesture that adorns your chirpy actions
seems to trigger in us a zillion cauldron of emotions

you ride high taking my last name to far and near
giving a dull and empty word like ‘bheemidi’ a new meaning and color
just as night does not know what to look for without the day in sight
I guess we are clueless and restless without your flair and flight.