There is a new cat in the town,
And it just turned nine !

This cat is as stealthy and wily as a fox,
and wait till it surprises you like a jack-in-the-box !

It will cuddle you with endless love,
and keep you cozy with its soft and silky touch of a dove !

In the middle of the night,
it wakes up and silently sleeps by your side, so you dare not fright !

Stay away from it in the morning,
it may pounce you with its yawning cry and make you dance to its song !

But do watch it when it dances on its two sprightly legs,
its a sight to behold and you are transported into a state of trance !

Every day feels like a blessing in the company of this mushy cat,
and every moment is afresh with its myriad colors and sounds, making your heart hop, skip and jump !

Wishing this cat a cheerful, prank-full and prancing birthday,
and hoping that it keeps its spirit soaring,
turning every day into a spring-filled day !!!