I am always skeptical of counting the moments shared
as the counting game is a yawn
as they say, the whole is never the
sum of its parts.
when you count some
you are sure to miss some.
Yes, you do gain some in the bargain but
you also lose some.
So should we count or should we not !

Let us give it a try and see
if it gathers some steam and brings a smile,
we can count on..

Let us begin from the beginning,
when the journey started
every word we said, we recycled it a million times
and each time the words took a new meaning and
they felt fresher than yesterday but were staler than tomorrow
each word triggered a hundred heart beats
faster and heavier each time
and beware, the counting game had just begun

We started to count our wishes, idiosyncrasies, family and friends
they seemed to grow bigger, louder and wackier,
and then out of the blue you said, “let us count your money now”
and I said, “sorry, not much to count here”
your effervescent smile turned into a frown.

So should we continue to count then,
let us turn back the clock again..

we wanted to count all the stars in the sky,
not much luck here as of late, the sky seems to have eaten most of them
we dreamed of counting together all the humming birds in our neighborhood,
well, you hardly got up early enough to do that with me
we wanted to count the number of rallies we kept going on the tennis court
phew, we spent more time fetching the balls than playing

So should we continue to count then,
let us give it another shot..

we both tried to solve in vain, all the mysteries that
Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson had on plate,
we counted all the weeknights and weekends
keeping the mysteries in sight
it was just you and me, one man and one woman,
one heart and two bodies
and in the midst of these engaging whodunits
we tried to reduce the space between us
physically, emotionally and intellectually

we can count the homes we moved around
year in and year out
each new home brought its own ambience and aroma
we moved out of necessity and cringed the added stress
but after a while, learned to
embrace the newer landscape and with it, a renewed vigor for life
and all through
we kept the passion unchanged and unhinged

so many beautiful and melodious moments to count and recount
all lay out there which we keep digging into
some lost and forgotten
some waiting to be unearthed again
and some better left buried and unsaid

remind me again, what were we counting …!