I wanted to get you happiness for life
but realized happiness never stays at one place
it comes and goes (you feel it more in its absence than in its presence)
just like you and me, right !

I wanted to get premier show tickets of your favorite star
but sadly all the tickets were taken up
I guess the star’s fans did not want next-day reviews to dampen their enthusiasm (sublime passion does not hinge on approval from anyone)
just like you and me, I guess !

I wanted to get cupid to play the matchmaker
but he was all booked for today
looks like he is finally desperate for love too (only a spiritless person will look for outside help for his ardor)
just like you and me, agree ?

I wanted to get the best flowers in the market
but the shops already sold out the best ones
seems like flowers are forever every lover’s last refuge (any cheaper idea you got)
just like you and me, huh ?

I wanted to tell you I will give my all for you
and I know you will take utmost pains for me
we just have to make sure we don’t have to go to that extreme (say anything, you were never good with promises anyway)
just like you and me, with me still ?

I never looked at the calendar so closely
except to track this day of the year
as a day lost without proposition, is a lover lost to competition (hmm, better to love and lose, than not losing)
just like you and me, what say ?

I am curious about the ‘you’ I meet in my dreams
I hope it is the quintessential authentic you
give me any day a conflicted-but-relatable you, than a match-made-in-heaven you (oh, so you dream your ‘dream’ meeting)
just like you and me, are you in ?

I will be both your prince and soldier at all times,
and if ever somebody hurts you,
just let me know who that somebody is and I will be right there for you (what if that troublesome somebody is actually a friend ! )
wait a minute, I am that somebody, you mean..?

oh the valentine day blues..!