my grandma dear
gifted me a trampoline
always funny but at times, queer
clappingly, wishingly, she sang, “Happy birthday, my dancing queen !”

I begged, “why a trampoline, grandma dear”
with a big smile, she replied, “why not, my dearest darling,
you always worry about being as little as the little deer,
so here I got you a fancy-schmancy thing”

with surprise written all over,
with both my hands pulling down, I quizzed her,
“jumping on a trampoline over and over,
may soar me higher and higher, but maketh not an inch taller”

my grandma explained, “this trampoline is not run-of-the-mill,
if Aladdin ever got tired of his magic carpet,
and wanted to trade with one that made him king-of-the-hill,
he would be flying now straight to our parapet”

though able, I was unable to unravel this trampoline’s glory
doubly excited but halfly wary,
I still’y listened for the mysteriously unfolding mystery
reading my standing ears, my grandma continued with her story,

“but beware of its little wart,
jump on one side you grow tall,
and on the other, you grow short,
which side is which, I know for sure, not at all”

with gusto unbound, I frantically exclaimed,
“never before, ever after, a gift like this, has ever come to my door,
I will be the envy of the town, when I parade this gift unashamed,
oh grandma, you know my heart so well, the treats that I so adore”

I gave my grandma the warmest, tightest, fullest hug ever,
and added, “I will jump on one side and if it makes me tiny,
I quickly jump to the other side, then I can grow tall-n-taller,
I have cracked puzzles such as these, times a many”

my grandma cautioned me and spelled out the outcomes,
“Not so easy, my dear, which ever side you jump first
that side, shorter or taller,the trampoline so becomes,
so take your chance, precious and open the fun-fest”

didn’t I say queer, now that’s my grandma dear,
should I take a risk, or better, invite my friends for a sweet trial,
if they jump on the taller side, I can ask them to clear,
and then jump on the taller side, to proclaim, me-the-tallest, with style

if they jump on the shorter side, it will be my gift for my mates
the trampoline is all theirs, and the gullible ones are shorter too
they get to play the game, as live baits
so either way, I end up as the tallest dame, in the crew

ha-ha, do I need to utter,
now who’s the tallest girl and the cleverest too,
hold on, do I hear someone mutter,
the smallest minx and the meanest shrew!