Yes,10 years is long
10 years during which radiant smiles followed us like a bright shadow
10 years of early morning whining and trying our best not to come in the line of fire
10 years of hearing a cry sound like an ambulance siren only to realize you just wanted undivided attention
10 years of trying to win your heart with any foolish joke we can crack on you or with you
10 years of singing with you any sweet song that we ever loved
10 years of adding something more to your life each year, so you learn to rule the world in your own mystical ways
10 years of unearthing the magic behind anything beautiful
10 years of dreaming of making you a tennis player and realizing you are as interested in tennis as a roadrunner is in flying,
10 years of talking back and forth in endless banter, only to find you end as the eventual victor in nonsensical arguments
10 years of absorbing everything that you tried to say or mumble or beckon
10 years of saying we understand that you understand even though we did not always understand

No, 10 years is too short with a girl who dances like bhanupriya and sings like a koel bird and also does both at that same time,
10 years of sharing that are worth a hundred and have passed in the blink of an eye,
In you we see us and we hope in us, you see yourself, at least the best parts
Forget the world if it does not treat you good,
always be kind and sooner than later good things and friends will come searching for you,
You are a wonder for us and we will always always love you,
real friends take time to happen but until then and ever after we are your real friends
10 years of love have passed between a father and a daughter, a mother and a daughter
and we look forward to many more of these splendid moments enjoyed in silly laughter

in short, its 10 years of happiness with a daughter as charming and talented as you are,
There’s no wishing now, its just looking forward to new smiles and new adventures in sweet anticipation…